Saturday, June 13, 2009

The last shot...for now!

Status: At the hospital, but baby Andy is in deep sleep so I got to pull out my laptop for a few minutes. Only 3 days behind in email!

Writing: Good grief, no. But if the baby comes home next week, maybe I'll have time in July!

But still...I had one last release a bit ago, the last story I finished before all the craziness began, and it's up for something this weekend. If you want to vote, here is the info:

Playing Lycan Games from Scarlet Rose is up for "best read of the week" at Whipped Cream erotic romance reviews.

Voting runs from Saturday, 6/13, through Sunday, 6/14). The link is here:

Please vote if you have time!

Heather Hiestand/Anh Leod

Vote here


Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

Will vote for baby pictures :)

We were wondering how y'all were doing today at lunch, and we come home to a picture. Great timing!

Minnette Meador said...

OMG, the baby is sooo adorable. I had already voted for another book (friend from another loop), but then realized I could vote again from my husband's computer, so presto chango, you got my vote, too! I'm up for best of the week on the non-erotic side for Centurion. Take care of that little (and I do mean little) bundle...and yourself. :)

Genene Valleau said...

So glad to see a photo of little Andy!

Congrats on the nomination for Lycan Games. I'll try to get over and vote--congrats to Minnette also!

Susan Lute said...

Heather, he's so cute :) So glad you get to take him home soon.

therese said...

Lovely baby! This is one of those times where deadlines are bent and the muse can take a powder, until Andy's napping, in his own room.

Suzanne Macpherson said...

Congratulations on the best project you'll ever create Jenna!

Lisa Hendrix said...

So glad the little sprout is doing well, Heather. You and he have been in my thoughts.

He's so cute!