Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sometimes You're In...Sometimes You're Out

Posted by: Maggie Jaimeson
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Mood: Exhausted. Who knew how many boxes it really takes to pack up a house?

As the famous Heidi Klum gives her Auf Wiedersehen to each new Project Runway contestant, I find that analyzing fiction trends--just like fashion trends--is a waste of time. No one knows what will catch next, what will be the craze. Just make your own way and write the best story you can.

Does anyone remember this outfit that Chery wore to the 1987 Oscars? Really, what was she thinking. Now Chery is known to be "outside the box" but that hair is not her best feature.

I've been around for a while and the one thing I know for sure about fiction trends is that once anyone can identify a trend, it is already saturated, overbought, and about to end. So, I don't try to catch the trend or write to a trend. I think it's most important that you write what you love, write what calls to you, and then write again. It all comes around. If this isn't your trend year, just wait--like the weather--it will change again soon.

As this is posted I will be following a moving van to my new home in the California Redwoods. Believe me this part of California is not a trend setter. Instead they've been quietly waiting for everyone to catch up to small town living, ecological awareness, and green living. So, my final word is don't waste time looking for the trend. Just make your own. Everyone will eventually catch up.

Back to my favorite fashion faux pas. It goes to show that even those who may be considered "trendy" get it wrong.

Here's Penelope Cruz at the 2007 Oscars. I did wonder if she turned around, would her entire backside be bare? Really, is this a dress?

Finally, Anna Wintour--the editor of Vogue--really should know better. Do you think that giant seashells on your hips is doing you any favors. Even if you are a skinny minnie.

Good thing I can't afford designer clothes. I'm sure I couldn't begin to compete with these outfits. Hmmm...I am planning to be at RWA in Nashville in 2010. I always did like Minnie Pearl's look. Maybe I'll come up with an out-of-the-box dress for the next Rita ceremony.

Happy Writing!


Jessa Slade said...

The only answer is to be so outre that you circle back around to in.

Lisa Hendrix said...

Outre. Good word, Jessa. That's me. Outre.

Sounds so much better than square. Or L7, or whatever the current term is. (I'm too outre to know.)

Genene Valleau said...

Hi, Maggie! Hope your move goes well!

I'm neither a trend-setter or a trend follower. And, though I enjoy reading the magazine headlines in the store check-out line, I don't really care about the lives or fashions of celebrities. Although I always did like Cher, perhaps in part because she didn't seem to take the outrageous outfits too seriously.

Just let me know when the REALLY casual, remodel-the-house or work-in-the-yard fashions become the trend and I'll be right in style!