Saturday, December 27, 2008


Posted by: Genene Valleau
Currently working on: edits to a novella for Valentine's Day 2010

In recent years, I have become intrigued with quantum physics, defined loosely as the physics of possibilities. Rather than accept "reality" as what exists, quantum physics is asking ourselves deeper questions or playing "what if" as we sometimes do when writing stories.

What if...what is happening within us creates what's outside of us?

What if...we only see what we believe is possible?

What if...we create reality?

Here are some other possibilities to consider:

--Why can we remember the past but not the future?

--In quantum theory, you can go back in time.

--A particle can be in multiple places at once.

--Molecules appear and disappear all the time.

--Thought alone can completely change the body.

--Any information we take in is colored by our experiences we have had and the emotions we felt during those experiences.

--Atoms are not things but tendencies.

--You create the same realities over and over because no one has taught you to dream better.

--If I change my mind, will I also change my reality?

If you find these things make you also go might want to watch the movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" or visit the Web site ****. If this doesn't give you ideas for your life, perhaps it will give you ideas for stories. :)

May you all have a New Year filled with possibilities!


Delle Jacobs said...

Amazing! I never made it past Basic Physics (after our crazy professor explained the Theory of Relativity backwards, I never had the nerve to take more). But Quantum Physics sounds like plotting a novel. I could go for that.

Genene Valleau said...

There are similarities to plotting a novel, aren't there?

I never got to quantum physics in school, which is probably just as well as I don't think I would have appreciated it then.

Now, it opens up all kinds of possibilities!

Julie Robinson said...

Love it! Quantum physics as the 'physics of possibilities.' It really gets my brain humming.
Thanks Genene for a fun blog.

Jessa Slade said...

Read Brian Greene's Elegant Universe too. Or watch the PBS version. Great explanations and trippy visuals.

Anonymous said...

This is why physics and philosophy go hand and hand. There is a lot in philosophy about reality and if it exists outside of ourselves (Kant). I believe it was shortly after the development/discovery of quantum physics that Decartes proclaimed his famous 'cogito ergo sum'. I cannot doubt my existence since it follows from the fact that I am thinking. Loads of fun!

Genene Valleau said...

Julie, so glad you stopped by!

Jessa and Maggie--you have given me more wonderful resources to dig deeper. The new year is going to be a quantum one for me!