Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blog upon blog upon blog

Posted by: Lisa Hendrix
Currently Writing: IMMORTAL OUTLAW
Mood: Frantic

This month finds me in a major deadline frap (FRAP=Frenetic Random Activity Period, usually applied to the daily period when your puppy--or your child--runs around the house like a demon has suddenly possessed her, here applied to my approach to writing), so I'm going to simultaneously flake out and give you a link to the best damned list of book blogs in the known universe, thanks to Book Blogger Appreciation Week.  They're not all romance blogs, nor have they been checked for quality, but there are hundreds of them, in alphabetical order.  Dive in HERE.

And I'll see you next month, with more to say and (I hope) more time to say it.

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Genene Valleau said...

Hundreds of blogs, Lisa? Ack! I'll still be sitting at my computer on New Year's Day, wondering what happened to the holidays!

Happy FRAP'ing!